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The Works and Services Department was created in 2009. From inception to date, the department has recorded tremendous achievements in the area of Projects Development, implementation and general maintenance of all physical facilities of the Polytechnic.

The department was started with key staff covering almost all the building trades' visa-vis, Building Construction/Project Management, Electrical/Mechanical, Quantity Surveying, Architecture etc.

The department is equipped with all the necessary facilities to carry out the functions of General Building Maintenance, Automobile Maintenance and also with facilities that service other Academic Departments such as Science Laboratory Technology Certificate in Building and Civil Engineering programmes.

To carry out its mandates successfully the department is made of Fifty-Seven (57) staff (50 staff permanent and pensionable while 7 staff are casuals) with background in various disciplines and according to the following units: Building Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical/Automobile/Transport, Carpentry/Joinery, Welding/Fabrication and Project Development.

Generally all the units in the department are overseen by the Director of Works and Services,
Bldr. Umar Y. Abba.
(Mnse, NIOB, Fnate, FBSE, CORBON, FMP)